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The Studio

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The Studio

Hi! I am Florence Kamp, owner of The Friendly Fox Studio. I’m an Illustrator, Graphic & Ux Designer based in The Netherlands. I have a passion for creating  beautiful & functional visuals and Illustrations, that make eyes sparkle & hearts flutter. If you are interested in working with me, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

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Hi there! Welcome at The Friendly Fox Studio, my tiny place of happiness where I can unleash my creativity. This is the place where I share my creative adventures, take on freelance graphic design / illustration projects & hopefully someday have my own (web)shop. I’ve always loved to be creative. Things like stationery, pens and notebooks make me very excited. Some might say that I’m a stationery geek and to be honest, it truly makes me a happier person to be surrounded by stationery. As a communication & Multimedia Designer I love to design and illustrate for clients, so if you are interested, who knows, maybe I can help you out, let’s get in touch!



The Friendly Fox

There was a little fox, enchanted by the moon,

His fur as soft as pillows, the colour of marroon.

Instead of being sly, he was kind of friendly, some might say,

Though his eyes were full of darkness, they shone as bright as day.

As he looked at the stars, and enjoyed his sight,

His eyes simply reflected, the beauty of moonlight.

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