As a starter in bullet journaling, I was in search for the perfect notebook. These Nuuna notebooks are  gorgeous. When I decided to give this notebook a try, I was overwhelmed by all the designs I could choose from.

They have so many amazing finishes! Some are edge-coloured, others are silk-screen printed and not to mention the glow-in-the-dark notebooks and the ones that change colour with heat! Imagine that! Holding a notebook in your hands and while you put it down you can see the colours have changed! Anyway, are they worth it?

Let’s talk about the covers, as mentioned above they have lot’s of amazing designs on their covers. And even though these notebooks only come as a soft-cover, I  don’t mind it a bit. Brandbook makes their Nuuna Notebook covers with different materials, a smooth bonded leather material, an artificial leather material (metallic) and a jeans label material are some to mention.

The Nuuna notebook consists of 120g Swedish Munken paper. This paper is gorgeous, sturdy and amazing. The quality of it really surprised me! The colour of the paper is white, something I really appreciate! Another thing to mention is that all Nuuna notebooks are dot gridded, perfect for those who want to use this notebook for bullet journaling, illustrating or just writing. Unlike other notebooks the distance of the dots are smaller, they are about 3,5mm apart from each other. Some of the Nuuna notebooks have numbered pages and others have not. All papers are thread stitched and yes, it will lay completely flat on your table.

The Nuuna comes in different sizes. The one I chose was size L, which is slightly bigger than an a5 size, 2,10 × 16,50 × 22,00 cm to be exact. Other sizes are XL, M, and S.

The Nuuna notebooks are within the price range that varies between €20 – €30 euro, which is quite expensive for a notebook to be honest. Especially because it doesn’t have a close of some sorts or a pen loop that other notebooks, which are way cheaper, do have.

Are they worth it?

To answer this question is easy for me. My answer is  YES! The Nuuna Notebook has everything I want a notebook to have. It’s cover sturdy and gorgeous and it’s paper of great quality and dotted. It does not come with a closure or a penloop, but I get it, as a designer. Once you have created a notebook that looks and feels so beautiful and luxurious, you don’t want to ruin it with a cheap elastic or a penloop. It would take away some of the experience. The price is a little on the expensive side for me, but still it is all worth it. I use this notebook to document my life, but if you are searching  for just a notebook to write notes in it, yes, I could imagine this notebook would be way too expensive. To me the value of a notebook depends on what I use it for and how it is made.

What do you think of the Nuuna Notebooks?

Are you just as excited about it as I am? You can get your own Nuuna notebook here.




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