One of my all time favourite words to use is magic, and we all know magic is not real… or is it? Well, I believe we are all capable of making magic happen. Not in the sense of getting a wand or saying some spells, but in the sense of that we all can create something out of nothing if we really wanted to… The biggest secret of making magic happen is to start with believing in yourself.


To believe in yourself is to believe that you are worthy, that you can do IT, whatever IT may be. To believe is being confident in the idea’s you have. Tell yourself everyday that you believe that you can do the things you want to do. Eventually this believe will shape your thoughts.


This one is tricky, I’ve had many ideas and terminated them right after I had them, because I was afraid to fail. Where believe is focussing on what the heart wants, the thoughts are focussing or what the mind wants. My mind for example is always calculating, like measuring with positives and negatives.. comparing this with that. Is what I believe logical? Is it worth to invest in? Is it a risk? What price will it cost me?

But instead of focussing on what we might lose, we should actually be focussing on what we might gain. So think the positive thoughts! Let your thoughts help you realise the dream you have always wanted to come true. The most important question your thoughts would have to agree on is if your dream would make you truly happy. I told you the mind can be tricky, so sometimes we have to trick the mind too.


Action is where you make goals in order to achieve your dreams. Whatever your dreams might be, start with educating  yourself, read books, blogs and forums, watch youtube videos and find as much information as possible. Write everything down and break your dream up in small goals.


The most important, difficult and challenging part of making a dream come true, is making it real. It’s like the fairytale of the velveteen rabbit that wants to become a real rabbit. You have to achieve the goals you have written down, as every goal is one small step closer to achieving your dream. But as simple as it seems, it is not. Sometimes it can take ages to achieve just one goal. Sometimes it means that sacrifices have to be made. Sometimes it means that you will have to let go of the things that you hold so dear. Sometimes it means that you will have to overcome fear. There is always a risk, a mistake, an obstacle that will get in your way, and it might mean you will have to take a few steps back or that you have take a break and that is okay. But remember that you must never give up or stop believing in yourself. As you are capable of many things, because there is magic in each one of us.




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