I’m so excited!! This week I launched this website and it was a succes. I seriously couldn’t be happier! But anyways this post is not about my website launch or something, but more about bullet journalling!

The bullet journal (bujo for short) method was originally created by Ryder Carroll and is used as an analog system where people could put their to-do’s, notes, list’s and more in a notebook. I also started with this system originally, but slowly added more and more things.. My bullet journal is so much more than just an analog system for me, it’s my greatest book of creativity, its my life journal, it is the place where I unleash, my thoughts, my creativity, my poems, my illustrations, my everything. If I were a book, this book, this journal would be me. The reason why I love this method of journaling so much is that everyone has their own bujo style, some people love the look of minimalistic and simplistic, some love to be organised and put a lot of trackers and lists in their bullet journals, and some, just like me, love to put everything in it.

My bujo consists of many things, here are some of them I’d like to highlight:

Tasks and agenda in one

Each day I’ll put my to-do’s this is my way of planning, and I like it! It makes me more productive and get things done!

Art journal

I love to illustrate and watercolour in my bullet journal. It’s one of the things I love to do most in my spare time. I like that I can use an illustration as a way to emphasise the way I feel. I can use watercolours to give a page some colour or mood. An example is this page, where I wanted to embody my zodiac sign. My zodiac sign is libra, and to be honest most of the things they say about what characters libra’s have is so true. I’m proud of being a libra, and so I dedicated this weeks layout to my zodiac sign. See how colours and illustrations can help to determine what kind of mood a bullet journal can have?


I love dreamy pictures, I’m often a dreamer, I like to imagine things in my head, I like to see the world in a way that small things matter. I love to visualise that. So I go on Pinterest and go through magazines and search for pictures I like. I search for pictures that attract to me, whether it’s the colours, the subject or just the way it looks. This page has several pictures combined, I wanted to create that woodsy wanderlust feeling I sometimes have inside of me. I was ready to take on new challenges and experience new adventures. I think this page turned out well!


I love putting lists in my bujo once in a while, such as the page that contains “magical placesI want to visit in my life”. I think the world has so much treasures and someday I hope to visit them all. I want to experience them! I want to capture that moment in my head as a daydream and journal about it so I’ll never forget!

A place for inspiration.

I often write letters to myself in my bujo and I like to write poems, to remember myself of all the positive things in life. Also I love to jot down other peoples poems and quotes in my bujo, they give me courage and make me feel good.

These are generally the thinks I put in my bujo, once in a while I try to put something different ┬áin my journal, sometimes it works with me other times it turns out to be a big disaster. Because what works for one person, doesn’t work for the other! My instagram page is overloaded with pages of my bullet journal, so if you need some more inspiration you can find it there!

Do you use a bullet journal and if you do, what do you use it for?







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